The durable sealed Eco Pool Drain “Fountain” unit easily connects to your sand or cartridge pool pump. Each kit includes an extra heavy-duty wastewater hose and two turn key hose clamps.  No tools are required for this installation. The wastewater fountain can also be hard plumbed to your pool pump and requires very little space.  It quickly disperses a large volume of pool water over 100 square feet in a fountain-like manner, similar to rainfall. The earth absorbs the water with little to no soil erosion or property damage and then self-drains when finished. This is an inexpensive solution that can be installed in minutes by either a pool service professional or the pool owner.  Best of all it’s tranquil and REALLY FUN to watch!

Pool Water Management & the Pool Owner

The good news is that pool owners have plenty of options in managing the disposal of excess pool water. We focused on some of the most popular choices available. The cost for solutions can range from thousands of dollars to around one hundred dollars. Each pool owner has to determine which method or system fits their budget and willingness to undertake major landscaping and plumbing projects.

Most importantly, pool owners now have choices. Rather than constantly wrestling with hoses, these solutions are permanent, hassle-free methods of managing pool wastewater.

Pool Water Disposal Regulations

A review of regulations from the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia revealed a common theme. Each nation’s regulations encourage the disposal of pool water over a land surface and they all restrict pool water from entering a body of water without permits and strict adherence to discharge regulations.  The Eco Pool Drain Fountain is designed to comply with these regulations.