About The Fountain

The Eco Pool Drain Fountain easily connects to your pool’s 1.5″ or 2″ filter/pump waste water outlet. It disperses water into the air like a giant fountain. Traditional methods direct one large powerful steam of water directly into your landscaping which can cause severe soil erosion. The Eco Pool Drain “Fountain” gently returns the water back to the earth where it is absorbed. NOTE: The chemicals found in pool water are prohibited from entering storm sewers or waterways. US and International Patents

Our Story

During the summer of 2011, my wife and I finally decided to install an in-ground pool. It happened to be a wet summer that year and I had to frequently release the excess water from our pool. In doing so I quickly became aware of how powerful the force from the waste water hose can be as it destroyed my landscaping. So, I decided to go to my local pool store and purchase what I thought would be the missing part of my pool. I was surprised to hear that every store I visited was familiar with the problem, yet no solution was readily available. So, out of frustration, I invented the Eco Pool Drain Fountain.

In 2013, we exhibited our product for the first time at the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show. There we were interviewed and featured on the front page of a Pool & Spa web magazine. Today we have many testimonials from pool professionals and have been recently featured in a well known industry blog.

Finally A Better Way

Most importantly, pool owners now have choices. Rather than constantly wrestling with hoses, these solutions are permanent, hassle-free methods of managing pool waste water.

How the Eco Pool Drain Fountain Beats All Other Alternatives

The durable sealed Eco Pool Drain “Fountain” unit easily connects to your sand or cartridge pool pump. Each kit includes an extra heavy duty waste water hose and two turn key hose clamps. No tools are required for this installation. The waste water fountain can also be hard plumbed to your pool pump and requires very little space. It quickly disperses a large volume of pool water over 100 square feet in a fountain-like manner, similar to rainfall. The earth absorbs the water with little to no soil erosion or property damage and then self-drains when finished.

This is an inexpensive solution that can be installed in minutes by either a pool service professional or the pool owner. Best of all it’s tranquil and REALLY FUN to watch!

Product Safety   Use only with sand or cartridge swimming pool filtration systems.  Avoid any contact with waste water and mist. Stand clear of hose & fountain when in use.  Position top side facing sky. Do not operate above 25 PSI.  Use ONLY with properly balanced pool water!  Change location with each use.  Do not over saturate the area.  Poorly balanced pool water may damage your lawn. Do not allow anyone or pets to play around or near the area while the Eco Pool Drain “fountain” is in use.  Potential trip hazard.  Put away when not in use.  Do not use where water may come in contact with an electrical source. An increase in the fountain’s water height is an indicator of blocked water outlet openings. Debris can be easily cleared from clogged openings with a tooth pick or similar object.  Do not clean the outlets during operation. This product is a not a toy. 

Usage  Do not over saturate the same location.  Move your Eco Pool Drain “Fountain” to a different location with each use.

A Better Solution For Your Lowering Pool Water Level

  • Heavy rain can overwhelm any swimming pool’s filtration system as the water level rises above the intakes, necessitating regular releases of pool water. All pool owners have watched in utter dismay as the force of the water emanating from their waste water hose erodes the soil and ultimately creates a sizable gully.


  • Discharging water down any hard surface leading into the storm sewer is not a good solution and may be prohibited. Treated pool water is known to harm the local waterways.


  • Some within the industry may advise you to release the water at night until it reaches the storm sewer or waterway. By daybreak no one will be the wiser.


  • A long search eventually brought me to invent the Eco Pool Drain “Fountain.” But the purpose of this analysis is not to promote one solution over another. Each pool may have unique needs based on soil consistency, property size, distance from the sanitary sewer plumbing, availability of tanker truck services for pool water removal, available space for a dry well (in areas that approve of this method of pool and/or waste water disposal) and the budget of the homeowner.