What People Are Saying

In 2013, we exhibited our product for the first time at the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show. There we were interviewed and featured on the front page of Pool & Spa web magazine.

It’s an amazing solution to the problem. It solves something so simply. Right now were dumping into storm drains and rivers!

This just waters your grass and takes care of the problem.- Sandy Kellogg, Fairfax County Park Authority, Alexandria, Virginia

I think it’s a good environmental item that needs to be taken care of because now you can water your lawn without sending the water to the sewer. We will be bringing it into our store.- Gene Schurer, 46 Year Pool Professional – Aquarius Pool & Patio, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

It’s a problem solver. It’s a better solution for backwashing water. I intend to stock it in my store.- Alan Wuester, Choice Pool & Spa, West Forest, North Carolina

I think this would be a great product to bring into the Canadian market as well.- Mette Yellowlees, Canadian Pool & Spa Conference & Expo, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Something we have never seen before. Very unique, solves a problem that seems to be in the US and Canada.- Wayne Yellowees, Canadian Pool & Spa Conference & Expo, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

I thinks it’s something that should be in every pool owner’s back yard. It’s great at spreading the water out instead of destroying the lawn.- Larry Logel, Brewster Pools Inc., Brewster, New York

We are a catalog company and have been in business for over 160 years. We ship to the US, Canada and Europe. This is something different, cool looking and meets a need that out there. It’s probably something that people are going to want to get.- Blanca Vega, Hammacher Schlemmer, Niles, Illinois

It solves a necessity for being able to backwash and drain extra water from your pool.- Michelle Grimm, Henry Bona Pools & Spas, Kenvil, New Jersey

It’s an innovative product and it’s good for the environment. I think my customers will love it!- Mason Moriarty, Coty Pool Company, Lebanon, Connecticut

It’s different and can disperse the water. I think it will make my customers happy.- Dan Tupper, Great Valley Pool Service, Frazer, Pennsylvania

I think of the Eco Pool Drain Fountain when I think of Swimming Pool Waste Water Disposal.- Michelle Booska, Pool World, Burlington, Vermont

When I think of properly disposing of swimming pool waste water I think of the Eco Pool Drain Fountain. It would be very good for our customers.- Andrea Kords, 35 Year Pool Professional – Northeastern Pool & Spa, East Rochester, NY

I like the fact the Eco Pool Drain Fountain does not flood the yard and that it does not slow down the release of pool water. I also like the design.- Leslie Hjelm, Aquatic Dream Pools, Stafford, Virginia

I think it’s a great idea to be able to disperse the water in that way. You don’t get the grass washing out. It’s a great idea!- Richard Gordon, Custom Molded Plastics, Mendon, New York

We recently brought the Eco Pool Drain into our retail pool store. We also offer it as part of our new in ground pool option package. Our customers are clearly intrigued with both the marketing and the solution to how to properly handle the disposal of both waste and excess pool water. We believe the Eco Pool Drain will be the next big thing to hit the pool industry!- Carl Chimenti, Pool Designer at Pooltown, Howell, New Jersey

It’s a great product and it’s easy to hook up.- Johnna Wilmen, Valley, Pennsylvania